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At Duphil, Inc. we have developed a comprehensive safety program that is committed to achieving the highest level of excellence. Safety has been a top priority since the founding of our company in 1968, and our safety policies and procedures have only grown stronger over the years. We take great pride in protecting our most valuable asset – our employees – while also creating the safest work environment possible to protect our customers and anyone who visits our job sites.

As part of our safety program, Duphil has developed a comprehensive safety manual to which all employees must adhere. In addition, we provide extensive safety training, weekly tailgate meetings and have instituted a behavioral-based observation program. Other safety measures include job safety analysis (JSA), near miss/stop work authority, weekly vehicle & equipment inspections, and regular safety audits.

In addition, our employees are trained by various means including the following:
In-House Training Programs
Procedural training via Compliance Coordinator. OSHA-mandated training via Training Coordinator.
Third-Party Training Institutions
Competent person, crane certification, forklift operator, rigging, scaffolding, etc.
OQ Task, Performance Verifications & Evaluations performed by a third-party vendor.

Duphil is proud to have earned an exemplary safety record over the years. Our safety statistics are available to be viewed on the National Compliance website at or the PEC Premier website at You may also contact us for more information about any aspect of our safety program.

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