We have a rich history of producing quality projects that we stand by. Our customers know they can count on us. We pride ourselves on having the skillset to meet these challenges, and also have the adaptability to serve the energy infrastructure demands as they materialize. Our goal is to provide our clients with innovative solutions focused on integrity, quality and safety.




Duphil, Inc. History

Duphil, Inc. was founded in 1968 by R.E. Odom and headquartered in Orange, TX. The origins of the company were as focused on oilfield construction services in southwest Louisiana. Dedicated to providing high quality results for its clients, the company was immediately successful and grew slowly over the years.

In 2002, Duphil expanded its services by purchasing the pipeline division of IMTC, Inc. Placing greater emphasis on pipeline construction, the company began to grow rapidly and expanded with a division office in Rosedale, Louisiana. Since that time, pipeline and station construction have become the company’s core competency.

Having served only a handful of clients in the early years, the company now has a client list of more than 70 energy infrastructure companies. Being a privately held company, we ensure focus is placed on maintaining high standards in everything we do, which has earned Duphil an outstanding reputation in the pipeline construction industry.

Today, Duphil continues to grow having recently added locations in Lafayette, LA and Mont Belvieu, TX. We will always work to make safety, quality, customer service and the satisfaction of our clients our top priorities.

Why Choose Duphil for Your Pipeline Services

Duphil commits to creating experiences that make our clients more successful. We are adaptable, dynamic, and provide:

Diversity of services under one roof

Quality work, total client satisfaction, and seamless project execution

Commitment to safeguarding our employees, clients, the public, and the environment

Vast resources, equipment, and personnel

Expansive geographical coverage, with operations in 13 states

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