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We at Duphil, Inc. are committed to the word Excellence. A company must start with a safety program to achieve this standard. Great strides have been taken to ensure this philosophy is a reality.


Duphil takes great pride in our most valuable asset “OUR EMPLOYEES”. In order to continue our success, our most valuable asset along with our safety program must work hand in hand.


The fruit of our labor can be viewed through several avenues. Our safety statistics are available to be viewed on the NATIONAL COMPLIANCE website at or PEC/PREMIER website at or a phone call to our corporate office.


Should you have any questions concerning our safety program or policies please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jace Sweeney, Safety Manager, at 800-424-7659.


Jace Sweeney – Safety Manager
Kevin Whitman– Safety Operations Manager
Trey Lemoine – Risk Management Supervisor
Gustavo Jacobo – Risk Management Supervisor
Mathew Myers – Risk Management Supervisor
Marcelino Rodriguez – Risk Management Supervisor
Joseph Marshall – Risk Management Supervisor
Hector Gutierrez – Risk Management Supervisor
Lee Evans – Risk Management Supervisor


HES Manual – Table Of Contents
Weekly Tail Gate Training
Behavorial Based Observation (BBO)
Short Service Employees (SSE)
Near Miss / Stop Work Authority


Pre Task (JSA)
Near Miss / Stop Work Authority
Behavoral Based Observation (BBO)
Weekly Vehicle / Equipment Inspection Report
Safety Audit
Excavation Logs

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