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Targa Resources

I want to take my hat off for Duphil to tell you guys how much I do appreciate the work that was done on this project. This was probably the best and smoothest project that I have ever been associated with in my career.

The construction was done under Targa’s budget, ahead of schedule, safely (no lost time accidents), no conflicts between Duphil and Targa, best organized, and best management team I’ve ever ran across. This could have never happened without the Superintendent – Guy Layrock. He was very well respected by all of his employees, plus my entire inspection team. He was always thinking and planning ahead to make sure that he had the proper people, material and equipment to do the job, not just for today but for next week and the week afterward.

The Assistant Superintendent, Chad Stacy or better known as Midget Pipeliner, was always on top of all the work going on. There was never any problems between Duphil and my team of inspectors, they made a great team.

Thanks again for a project that made me look good.

Kelly L Varnado
Targa Resources
Director – Pipeline Projects
Office: 713-584-1570
Cell: 281-832-2214

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