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DCP Midstream

Mr. Ledet

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Duphil, especially Cotton Coleman’s crew, for the efforts displayed in the last couple of weeks during the Spindletop station expansion. Duphil was able to help take control of a situation that involved numerous shop fabricated pipe spools that were fabricated incorrectly by another contractor. Duphil jumped on the opportunity to assist DCP in meeting the 12 day station turnaround deadline.

The experience, promptness and attention to detail that Duphil displayed is what was required to bring this project back on line to make it a success.

Thank you again for your assistance and I look forward to working with Duphil again in the future.


Chris Hummel
DCP Midstream
Project Manager
C 720-470-3388
O 303-605-1870

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