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man working in pipe

At Duphil we understand the importance of maintaining product deliverability. That’s why we provide quick, reliable repair services to keep your product flowing. Our services include:

Pipeline Repairs Replacement Lowering Underwater Construction Erosion Repair & Control

Our repair services include everything from pressure testing to line replacement, coating repairs and more. In addition we offer full-encirclement welded sleeves as well as clock spring wrap technology – which is a low-cost, long-term flexible alternative to pipe clamps or pipe replacement. This technique also allows repairs to be made while a component is still in operation.

Duphil also offers underwater construction to correct unstable pipeline elevations due to erosion. In addition, we provide repairs of pipeline, canals, closures, ditches, crossings and right of ways utilizing geotubes as permanent/hard foundations. We also offer a number of other erosion control products and techniques as needed.

We invite you to contact us for your next project and discover how Duphil delivers quality, safety and performance – every time.

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