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DCP Midstream


Project Description:14 miles of 16-Inch Pipeline
Contract Amount/Value:$2,912,770.00
Contact:Jerry Fenton

DCP Midstream


Project Description:90 Miles 20” Pipeline
Mt. Belvieu to Sweeney, TX
Contract Amount/Value:$110,000,000.00
Contact:Jerry Fenton

Chevron Pipeline


Preferred Vendor:Alliance
Various Projects Texas and Louisiana
Contract Amount/Value:$19,432,400.00
Contact:Mike Abshire

DCP Midstream


Project Description:9.5 miles 24” & 1.5 miles 10”
Mt. Belvieu to Galena Park, TX
Contract Amount/Value:$23,255,000.00
Contact:Jerry Fenton

Boardwalk Pipeline LLC


Preferred Vendor:Alliance
Various Projects Texas and Louisiana
Contract Amount/Value:$15,024,000.000
Contact:Roger Haycraft

El Paso-Tennessee Gas Pipeline


Project Description:DOT Replacements: 100 system and 800 system
2820 ft of 24”, 5530 ft of 30”, and 3160 ft of 36” Pipelines
Tennessee & Kentucky
Contract Amount/Value:$2,494,000.00
Contact:Steve Hockett

Targa Resources


Project Details:Install 27.4 miles 12” Pipeline
Contract Amount/Value:$20,504,000.00
Contact:Kelly Varnado

Buckeye Gulf Coast Pipe Line


Project Description:55.5 Miles of 8” Pipeline
Mont Belvieu, Texas
Contract Amount/Value:$6,000,000.00
Contact:Vance Meischen


Boardwalk Pipeline


Project Description:Grass Root Compressor Facility
Bald Knob, Ark.
Contract Amount/Value:$8,700,000.00
Contact:Lee McEwen

Williams South Central Welda, KS


Project Description:Installation of Solar Taurus and Restaging 5 Reciprocating Compressors
Contract Amount/Value:$3,491,000.00
Contact:Brett Kight

El Paso-Tennessee Gas Pipeline


Project Description:Set Two Electric Drive Compressors on an Elevated Deck
Port Sulphur, Louisiana
Contract Amount/Value:$1,815,000.00
Contact:Barney Mazarac

Centerpoint Energy


Project Description:Horsepower Addition
Gurdon, Ark.
Contract Amount/Value:$5,500,000.00

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